Creating memories

The past couple of weeks I've been enjoying my maternity leave. I'm not due until the end of next month, but I found both the outdoor sessions and the newborn sessions in my studio to energy-consuming to continue. Maybe the 2 little ones I have running around already had something to with it.. 

As I never had any maternity shots done before, I was very excited to be asked to step in to model when I was attending a maternity & newborn workshop by Ana Brandt here in Tokyo last month. It was sakura time and the images have come out beautifully. I've been a huge fan of Ana since I started newborn photography and one day I hope to be as successful as she is as both a photographer & business woman! For more of her work, see here:

One of my favourite photos, by one of the very talented photographers who joined the workshop too, Anna Mae Isobe.

One of my favourite photos, by one of the very talented photographers who joined the workshop too, Anna Mae Isobe.

As I came into my 8th month of pregnancy, I was thinking to have a photo session done that included my two children, to show the bond with their unborn sibling and me. I found a great photographer (actually, husband & wife work together as a team) through my Photographer's network, who was willing to find a great location for our shoot, as well as custom made tutu's for me and my daughter and a time that was convenient for all of us! I am so happy with the outcome and I know that my family will treasure these images. I have already printed them and hung them on our photo wall so we can enjoy them daily and be reminded of this special time in our lives. 

Photos by: Chepolinko Photography,

Looking back (and here is the moral of the story...) I regret not having professional pictures taken of my first pregnancy or my second, and of my children when they were newborn or in their first year. Of course I took photos myself, not only on my iphone but also on my DSLR and I did print them into photo books, but back then I was not into photography as I am now (I was still working on my diploma) and therefore looking back, the images are not as beautiful as I wish they were. Plus - I myself am not in a lot of them, and the ones I am in, I think I could have looked a lot better than I did! 

So my advice is; invest in family photos as keepsakes & quality prints to display them in your home. It does cost money, yes, but in return you will have beautiful memories for years to come. And especially when you're living abroad, these photos will have a return on investment when you don't have to buy additional birthday gifts for the grandparents, but can just give them a framed picture!

Ps; I will be taking bookings again from the Fall season, October onwards! In the meantime, feel free to contact me for pricing information or recommendations for other photographers if you're looking for a session right now!