Location, location.. - the first of a series of location scouting sessions!

One of the requests I come across quite bit is to have a photo session representing Japan; the Japanse culture, typical backgrounds or famous spots, like the super busy Shibuya crossing. As we go about our lives here in Tokyo (or anywhere in the world, really, where you're far away from your home country), there are so many truly unique encounters we have on a daily bases that we would never have back home, and these should not be forgotten. Especially for kids, who may not remember everything after moving on to another country, a photo session like this will keep the memories fresh.  

The famous Shibuya crossing

The famous Shibuya crossing

Every time I'm roaming around in Tokyo, I spot unique locations and I thought now is the time to map these locations so I will be able to easily navigate my clients to hotspots for their photo session. Last week my dear friend who lives in Hong Kong came to stay with us and she was a very willing model for my first location scout - a local temple here in Shinjuku that I passed many times but never investigated. 

Main temple building

I absolutely loved this place - it was quiet, peaceful and full of green leafy trees. The location next to a park and some high rise as well as the busy Shinjuku pachinko & restaurant area also makes it a fabulous place to do a 2/3-location shoot with only a 5 minute walk in between. Below you can see a variety of the shots of the session. 

In & around the temple grounds

As a bonus we got to take a picture with some serious looking men in traditional dress :-)

Serious men dressed in traditional clothes.