Sakura time is about to begin!

Spring in Japan, and then especially the Sakura time, is so special here in Japan. You can feel it in the air - the air is warming up, the sun is climbing higher and early trees are blooming in the midst of stark winter parks. 

I was surprised to see so many people waiting for the park to open - at 9 AM on a Sunday morning. A group of 20 Japanese ladies dressed formally in beautiful kimono's going to the teahouse, a group of kids waiting to start a treasure hunt of some sort, a group of bird watchers with binoculars & guides and of course the always present photographers. Not waiting for clients, like me, but standing there with their impressive gear & tripods to get the best spot to capture the blooming of the Sakura trees. To be honest, I was a bit jealous of all the great camera's and lenses these people were holding. The dad of the family I was photographing even joked that I must feel sad that I only brought my small, compact gear. No way these people were going to let me into their club :-) 

And so it begins, after some weekends exploring how and where exactly the trees are blooming or will be blooming and making my own family and my parents pose and re-pose, I am now ready for the weeks ahead with client sessions every weekend. Yesterday morning this lovely family modelled for me so I could use the photos to show you the beauty that is Sakura. And the beauty of this family! They all have a different color eyes; amazingly bright, and they are one happy bunch.