Lin de Leeuwerk

Dutch photographer, eco-warrior, mama, 'trailing spouse' to my expat husband. My home is where my family lives. Currently residing in Kyoto after adventures in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.  

I've always loved photography and ever since my parents gave me my first Canon for my 10th birthday I've been busy taking pictures & making photo albums, collages and scrap books. I would describe myself as a professional memory maker.  

The last few years I’ve also become more and more interested in the world of plant based eating, living with less and creating less waste. I received a diploma in Plant based nutrition and although I don’t call myself a nutritionist - I do know what I’m talking about ;-)

On this website I want to unite the 2 things I’m passionate about and show you my photography but also be a source for information on plant based nutrition and attempting zero waste living.

Lin xo